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I highly recommend these series! It can also be used more independently — if you have a child that wants to work on his own. I learned along with my kids the first two years but after that they were on their own watching the DVDs and classical academic press writing and rhetoric review through their books.

We have been extremely impressed with your products and I have recommended them to many others that I know. The second book, Narrative 1 does include Bible stories for some of the writing selections.

As always, my opinion is my own. In the good old days, kids were taught with incremental steps, first by reading and enjoying beautiful writing, then by imitating beautiful writing, then playing with writing to make it their own, and finally, standing on their own two feet with their own original writing.

They also have some curricula for Logic and the Bible but I have not personally used those myself. So far, Classical Academic Press has available the first two books in the series.

The stories featured are Fables, and the moral of the story is always discussed. The second book, Narrative 1 does include Bible stories for some of the writing selections. Enter to win using the raffle copter form below! Narrative I Book 2 continues to build on the concepts in book one, only it starts to work with longer narrative passages rather than short fables, and it introduces concepts like plot, dialog, and using creative descriptions.

Links to the publisher website above may contain affiliate links. Their creativity in approaching classical subjects, brings the classical model to life for kids who otherwise, would be left behind due to learning style or disability.

Your materials are excellent.

Review: Writing and Rhetoric by Classical Academic Press

The baseline skills your child should have before beginning this book are; basic sentence construct - recognition of a subject, predicate and the absence of samecapitalization and simple punctation. I love how they make it easy to understand and where the child can learn on their own without needing a lot of outside help.

How should it be shared? Introductory story about a historical figure and proverb or saying related to that person Tell it Back Section — narrating or outlining the story Talk About It — discussion about the story, historical figure, and their saying Going Deeper — deeper questions that focus on developing comprehension skills Writing Time — a variety of writing assignments that focus on writing creative sentences and the six-paragraph essay Speak It — oral exercises that prepare students for speaking, combining the abilities of thinking, speaking, and writing which are closely combined skills Scheduling Book Four Much like the other books in the series, the exercises are easily divided up over the course of a week.

This program is so much more than being able to simply write a good paragraph. Each exercise is intended to impart a skill or tool that can be employed in all kinds of writing and speaking.

They are learning how to ask good questions, how to choose appropriate words, how to evaluate what constitutes good writing, narrowing into what is important in a story and how to get what's in their head down on paper -in a coherent manner that imitates beautiful writing.

With Writing and Rhetoric, your child can engage their imagination and get up and move - which are key elements for parents that have distracted, delayed or struggling learners. You answer the phone, you return messages personally, you are willing to listen to all of my anxious rantings about choosing a path for my kids, you are so reassuring.

This is the first step to making writing their own, instead of just working with the story they have been given! I was comfortable using every selection from these books, and was never uncomfortable with the content.

Writing & Rhetoric

Try the free sample to see where the program is headed after Book 1, or tide you over while you wait for your copy to arrive. I liked pieces and parts from many different programs.

Review: Writing and Rhetoric by Classical Academic Press

Lyn ne—Lynne has enjoyed homeschooling her two sons for the past three years, after their brief stint in the local public school. How do you teach a child to write well?

Writing & Rhetoric

They also learn to take dictation and copy passages correctly, summarize and amplify stories, and more. For example, the early books focus on simple narratives, and by book four students are ready to begin writing six-paragraph essays. I also have a giveaway of Writing and Rhetoric: This method assumes that students learn best by reading excellent examples of literature and by growing their skills through imitation.

I really appreciate Classical Academic Press for being so generous with my readers. Yet how many of us would expect a child to sit at a piano, without piano lessons, and play a concerto?

I have already been impressed by the materials that Classical Academic Press offers. In book four, kids will learn to write an expository essay, incorporating everything they learned in previous books as well. It is different from Book 1 in that instead of simply telling back what happened, and making the story shorter or longer, sometimes they actually change what happens by manipulating the point of view or events in the story.

Please see our advertising disclosure at the foot of this page for more information.Classical Academic Press 02 May The goal of the Writing and Rhetoric series is “to prepare students for rhetoric, which is the art of writing well and speaking persuasively” (Writing & Rhetoric: Fable.

Writing and Rhetoric book four from Classical Academic Press is the fourth in a book series that teaches students writing skills using the progymnasmata -. Did you know? You can visit the product page for your book and click the Support tab beneath the photo to find a variety of free resources to supplement your school year!

Writing & Rhetoric: Chreia & Proverb

Classical Academic Press produces superlative educational materials to advance the revival of classical education. We specialize in subjects such as Latin and logic, presented clearly and creatively, to equip and engage both students and teachers.

Writing & Rhetoric is a Classical writing program. It starts with Book 1 (grades 3/4) and goes all the way to Book 12 (grades 8/9), with such titles as Fable, Chreia & Proverb, Comparison, Impersonation & Description, Thesis, Attack/Defend a Law.

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How to Teach a Child to Write Well {Writing and Rhetoric CAP Review}

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Classical academic press writing and rhetoric review
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